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Údržba Sig Sauer

Informace z roku 2008 - doporučená výměna dílů :
The following is SIG SAUER's current parts replacement schedule (numbers of rounds), with some comments of my own:

Barrel: If the pistol exhibits keyholing or unacceptable accuracy.
Decocking lever spring: 10,000
Extractor: 20,000
Extractor spring: 20,000
Firing pin: 20,000
Firing pin spring: 20,000
Magazine spring: When magazine fails to lock the slide open. *
Recoil spring: 5,000 †
Roll pins for breechblock retention (pins, HD): 5000
Safety lock spring: 20,000
Slide catch lever spring: 10,000
Takedown lever: 20,000
Trigger bar spring: 10,000

Mainspring (hammer spring): SIG SAUER evidently makes no formal recommendation about the mainspring, but lbj was told by customer service that guns with 40,000 rounds are still igniting their ammunition with the original spring. If ignition problems do develop and can't be determined to be due to other reasons, the obvious course would be to try a new mainspring.

* I also recommend replacing the magazine spring when ammunition is not held securely. This can occur before slide lock failures.

† I had seen an early recommendation here that the recoil spring be replaced after 3000 rounds, and that's what I follow.

For the armorers: SIG considers the extractor used in P220 stainless steel slides to be a "sacrificial" part, and that it should be replaced after it's removed from the slide.

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