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Zasouvání střel

Pro Finson: Nosil a užíval jsem Lapua CEPP Super v 357 Mg. v několika revolverech, výborné. Před lety tady byly k dostání i v 38 Spl.

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Re: Zasouvání střel

VITO: Díky!

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Re: Zasouvání střel.

Bullet setback fears

jen vypíchnu:

Most semi-auto pistol rounds are loaded with medium-to-fast burning powders because the cases are so short. These powders build pressure quickly when they burn. So, if there are only a few grains of fast-burning powder, there must be some space to provide a buffer for the pressure wave. The less airspace there is, the a greater risk of a pressure spike beyond safe levels.

Typical 9mm ammunition is a relatively high-pressure round, and the pressure can rise significantly if the bullet is seated a few hundredths of an inch deeper than normal.

With less internal volume in the case, high pressures develop before the forces created by the burning powder begin to move the bullet. In the 1990s, setback-pressurized rounds caused a near epidemic of firearms blowing up. The rear of the case separated, the polymer frame came apart, and the magazine blew out. Most of the firearms were chambered in 9mm and 40 S&W.

These aren’t exactly Magnum-powered handgun rounds, but small changes in case volume can make a big difference in small rounds like these.

Late firearms writer and one of the founders of IDPA, Walter Rauch, reported in a 2004 Police & Security News article that bullet setback caused by repeatedly chambering the same round could raise pressures exponentially.

It was confirmed to Rauch via an Austrian cartridge manufacturer, Hirtenberger, and a Glock representative that 0.10 inch of setback can cause pressures to double from 35,000 psi to 70,000 psi in a 40 S&W case. In addition, the Speer cartridge company reported as early as 1979 in their annual Reloading Manual that the chamber pressure of a 9mm round increased by 55 percent (28,000 CUP to 62,000 CUP) when the bullet was setback by 0.03 inch. These higher pressures are more in line with what’s generated by a 7.62 NATO cartridge.

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Sam Jr.
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Re: Zasouvání střel.

Sorry ale těm číslům se nedá věřit, to by bylo po světě zničenejch kvérů a utržených ruk nejen lidí co nosí, ale hlavně těch co přebíjí.


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